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Our Chamfered Psyche: The Mental Dental Connection

Dental professionals often examine the physical aspects of wellness yet we rarely explore or discuss the mental aspects. It is time to remove the taboo and face the facts.

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Anxiety, pain, depression, burnout. Dentistry can be difficult and take a toll. Studies show us that dental professionals experience a high incidence of mental illness. Additionally, many dental professionals don’t clearly understand the mental health conditions that our patients present with, which red flags to watch for what to do/how to intervene.

Presented in Dr. Joshua Austin’s trademark comedic style, this course explores strategies for working together to improve mental health so we can be our best. Learn how to recognize triggers and warning signs. Identify essential tools and resources. Discover how and when to refer to a mental health professional. Explore and understand mental health terms, common treatments and therapy options. Gain coping mechanisms and learn how to manage expectations – both our own and those of our patients.

Learning Objectives:

  • Define mental health terms and analyze mental health statistics.
  • Discover mechanisms for coping with our personal and professional challenges.
  • Illuminate common DSM-5 diagnoses and characteristics.
  • Learn how to choose the professionals for our own personal wellness team.
  • Identify and examine our psychologic triggers and their importance.
  • Explore the benefits of psychotherapy.
  • Consider today to be Dental Mental Health Day!

Half Day or Evening; Lecture, Workshop, Keynote


All Dental Professionals