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Materials and Tech that Expedite Excellence

With a constant stream of new products that claim to be bigger, better, faster flooding the industry, it is challenging to know which are effective and efficient…and where there is hype.

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In this fast-moving market, advertising makes every product appear to be the panacea. However, some of the best products and services doesn’t enter the market with much fanfare. Dental professionals can become bogged down or confused when trying to decipher which new materials and technologies are right for their practices.

As editorial director with Dental Economics magazine, Dr. Joshua Austin authors the column Pearls for Your Practice and has personally worked with most new products and technologies that have entered the market. In this interactive, fast-moving course, Joshua shares the current trends in dental materials and technologies. Learn how materials have changed over the past few years and how those changes can affect your procedures and practice.

This evergreen program is continually evolving and fresh, making it a great option for a repeat presentation. Bring Joshua back time and time again to help attendees stay abreast of the dental materials and technologies of today’s dentistry.

Learning Objectives:

  • Illuminate growing trends and discover the best new products and innovations on the market.
  • Explore the impact new products/technologies have on the practice’s bottom line.
  • Gain a formula for assessing time savings vs financial output in your purchasing decisions.
  • Analyze how bulk fill posterior composites compare to their traditional counterparts.
  • Discuss time saving placement techniques for bulk fill posterior composites.
  • Review universal adhesives and their advantages.
  • Explore the three etching techniques and learn when each are appropriate.
  • Review current cements and identify which classes are superior.
  • Discuss when luting is an appropriate choice instead of bonding.
  • Explore many other products and items that can make your life easier and your dentistry faster.

Full or Partial Day; Lecture, Workshop


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