Study Clubs

A dental study club is an excellent environment for the exchange of ideas. Study clubs take on their own personality and culture and joining one as a presenter is a real treat. As a member of a Seattle Study Club, I have a soft spot in my heart for the spirit of collegiality that a great study club brings.


“This course was excellent!  I thought it was going to be a standard average social media class, but I was way wrong.  The information about the tactics that some of these sites use was really helpful.  Also enjoyed the parts about how to get more reviews!”

“We just got a crumby review at my practice because of an insurance issue and we didn’t really know what we should do.  Now I have a game plan to try and fix it on Monday!”

“I had no idea how much the public valued some of these review sites.  It seems to me that ignoring that these sites exist is extremely foolish.  I will be checking on our sites all weekend.  This really opened my eyes!”