Your Success

Too many continuing education programs today have become show and tell sessions for the presenter. You need more fundamental information that can help you and your practice tomorrow. Our programs are designed around the concept that sound fundamentals make the difference in success, both clinically and in business. Our mission is to provide a fun, interactive continuing education program for you and your study club or meeting.

Joshua Austin, DDS

Joshua Austin, DDS maintains a full time restorative dentistry private practice in San Antonio, Texas. He is an editorial director and columnist for Dental Economics focusing on dental products and technology. Dr. Austin lectures around the country to study clubs and dental meetings about these topics along with online repuation management and social media.

Our Programs

A great continuing dental education course should inspire and entertain those in attendance. All too often, we see exercises in self-gratification from dental speakers who show unrealistic dentistry that doesn’t translate to the world in which we practice. Dr. Austin strives to deliver information that is practical and applicable to every dental practice.